We are committed to providing a unique experience for our clients in both Government and Private Sector. We are experts of law; analytical thinkers, in tune with business, legal and market conditions of your work environment. Our advice and services are set to cater for your need to boost your opportunities and overcome your challenges and business risks.

Our Services

Real Estate & Rent Issues

  • We provide advice and insight regarding Real Estate and rent issues, including:
  • Land sale/lease and project agreements.
  • Legal issues at the various stages of construction starting from drafting the appropriate construction contracts for the specific type of construction up to the stages of work and final handover of projects.
  • Sale of buildings.
  • Agreements with buyers and tenants.
  • Maintenance and property management contracts.

Outsourcing of Legal Services by Corporate Clients

  • Corporate clients might engage with us directly through retainer agreements so that we can do their regular in-house counselling for them on daily basis to cover all aspects of their operational legal services during their working hours. 
  • Engagement with the firm can be done either through direct service outsourcing or on assignment basis.
  • For more details about this service, please, contact us. 

Miscellaneous Legal Consultancy

We provide legal advice on  the following:

  • Terrestrial & Satellite Telecommunication.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Education.
  • Human Resources.
  • Procurement and Contracts.
  • Real Estate and Rent issues.
  • Construction.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Arbitration & Litigation.
  • Corporate affairs.
  • Sale of Goods.
  • Company policies and regulations.
  • Board of Directors services.


Social Responsibility

The firm gets itself involved in legal aid and assistance for Children and Women who are in difficult situations. The aid covers all states in the Sudan in addition to some other African countries, The aid is done through partnerships and networking with local law firms and NGOs.


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